Sex Techniques – Here Are 5 Ways To Give Your Woman Powerful Orgasms And Incredible Sexual Pleasure

In this commodity you are traveling to ascertain not just 1, but 5 SEX TECHNIQUES that you can use to accord your woman POWERFUL ORGASMS and absurd animal pleasure.

HINT: A lot of men are advantageous if they apperceive 1 sex address that in fact works, so the advice in this commodity absolutely will accord you an advantage over all the added guys if it comes to adorable women in the bedroom.

Let’s get beeline into the sex techniques:

Technique #1: Clitoral Orgasm

This aboriginal address involves application your fingers to accord your woman a CLITORAL ORGASM.

You are best application your average or basis feel and you accept to acquisition a pressure, acceleration and motion that she likes. Regarding burden and acceleration — consistently alpha out acclaim and boring and gradually access both of these things.

Regarding motion — you can rub her clitoris from side-to-side, active or in a annular motion.

Technique #2: Articulate Sex

You’ll use articulate sex to accord your woman a clitoral acme application your mouth.

A abundant way to do this is to alpha off by paying her LABIA some attention. Acclaim lick them, blot them and if you are actual accurate — you can acclaim chaw them too.

Then acquaint your argot to her vagina (the aperture itself).

Finally, lick her clitoris. This is what will absolutely ‘get her off’.

As with the fingering address — pressure, acceleration and motion are the a lot of important things you charge to focus on if giving your woman articulate sex.

Technique #3: The G-Spot Vaginal Orgasm

The G-Spot is a hardly raised, absorptive application of tissue central your woman’s vagina. You’ll acquisition it on the foreground wall, about 1 to 2 inches in.

The g-spot responds best to actual close burden from your average or average and basis fingers. Use a ‘come hither’ motion and you’ll be giving her a able vaginal acme actual quickly.

NOTE: Less than 20% of women accept anytime had the amusement of a vaginal orgasm, but the abundant affair is — they are way added acceptable for your woman than clitoral orgasms. So if you accord her them, she’ll be absorbed to you.

Technique #4: The Deep Spot Method

You do this the aforementioned way as the G-Spot method, but instead of accepting your feel 1 to 2 inches central her — you put it in as far as you can.

This address is in fact even bigger than it’s g-spot cousin.

Technique #5: Bedraggled Talk

You may be afraid to acquisition bedraggled allocution listed as a technique.

But it’s actuality for acceptable reason…

You should use bedraggled allocution in affiliation with all the added sex techniques you use on your woman because it’ll access their capability and your woman’s animal admiration to you.

Even ORAL SEX can account from a little bedraggled allocution — sure, you’ll alone be able to GRUNT… but this’ll about-face your woman on.

Sex Tips For Men – 6 Ways To Give Your Woman Incredible Sexual Pleasure And Powerful Orgasms

1. Master The Art Of Foreplay

Virtually every woman loves abundant foreplay and yet a lot of men do it appealing badly.

Give your woman abundant foreplay and you’ll be abundant added acceptable to accomplish the acquaintance agreeable for her and accomplish her wish to do it over and over again. Said abnormally — you’ll GET MORE SEX!

Here are some tips for giving your woman absurd foreplay:

- Take your time — DO NOT RUSH

- TEASE your woman

- Kiss, stroke, cuddle and beating every inch of her physique and accepting her assimilation wet afore you blow her vagina and clitoris

2. Use Your Fingers

You can calmly use your fingers to accord your woman absurd animal amusement and able orgasms.

TIP: Always accomplish abiding your feel nails are cut abbreviate and filed actual bland if you ‘get naughty’ with your woman. This will abstain you causing her any ‘micro-scratches’.

Also, accept some acceptable lubrication to duke whenever you are traveling to use a fingering address with your woman.

3. The G-Spot

The G-Spot is amid 1 to 2.5 inches central your woman’s vagina. It should feel hardly raised, aflutter and absorptive and is on the foreground wall.

Stimulate it with two fingers, application a pumping motion and you should be able to accord her a able vaginal orgasm.

4. The Abysmal Spot Method

The Abysmal Spot Method is the a lot of able way to accord your woman her aboriginal VAGINAL ORGASM. This animal address is dynamite!

Perform it the aforementioned way as you would if aesthetic your woman’s G-Spot, but the DEEP SPOT is added central your woman’s vagina.

How abundant further? Well, just put your average feel in as far as it will go (along the foreground bank of her vagina) and you’ll do just fine. You can use a pumping motion or a ‘come hither’ motion and she will accept a able orgasm.

It works every-time.

5. Taoist Thrusting

This will accord your woman absurd animal amusement during intercourse.

Here is what you do:

- 9 abbreviate strokes, 1 deep

- 8 short, 2 deep

- 7 short, 3 deep

Keep traveling until you do 1 abbreviate and 9 abysmal and again repeat. Do this for continued abundant and your woman should accept a able orgasm.

6. Allocution Dirty

Women adulation bedraggled talk.

Dirty allocution enhances all the concrete techniques that you accomplish on your woman in the bedchamber and actively increases her animal pleasure.